About World Literacy Crusade

World Literacy Crusade is a 501(c)3 grassroots literacy movement formed in 1992 by the Rev. Alfreddie Johnson, Jr. and a team of motivated community leaders, ministers, parents, youth and educators. By banding together out of a concern for the growing rate of illiteracy and related social ills in their communities, World Literacy Crusade was born.

Since 1993, World Literacy Crusade has worked in partnership with Applied Scholastics International™ to create programs that are designed to teach people how to learn without any confusion.

In addition, we recently expanded our community outreach through our affiliation with American Health and Education Clinics. We now help criminal offenders and those addicted to drugs to reform and reclaim their lives through an approach that doesn’t rely on other drugs or pharmaceuticals.

Here at World Literacy Crusade, our programs enjoy support from government leaders, civic leaders and celebrities around the world.

The World Literacy Crusade Mission

While you’ll find numerous World Literacy Crusade programs all across the globe, there remains just one goal that unites us: to create responsible individuals who can learn and communicate in any subject.

Guided by our mission to eliminate poverty, ignorance, disease, crime and hopelessness, World Literacy Crusade establishes community-based literacy programs that utilize the breakthrough study and drug rehabilitation methodologies developed by author and humanitarian L. Ron Hubbard. This approach provides people of the community the basic tools needed to become literate, responsible, self-sufficient and employable.

Here at World Literacy Crusade, we vow to never demean a child by labeling him or her as “learning disabled,” “hyperactive” or “attention deficit.” It is expressly against our policy to do so.

Ritalin, Prozac or any other drugs are never prescribed to children in our programs. We believe that the use of such drugs is a direct attack on the spirit of the individual and that it is an excuse by those with an inability to teach or communicate effectively to administer them.

We believe that through a pure mind and body, a pure healing experience is best delivered. Just ask the countless individuals we’ve helped who haven’t returned to drugs — they’re sure to agree.

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